Come Bearing the Perfect Gifts Everywhere You Go

Pick up the perfect gift at Pause; Boutique

Get all your Christmas, birthday, housewarming and bid day shopping done at Pause; Boutique this year. We carry lovely gift items like candles, wine glasses and towels in our boutique. Wander through Pause; Boutique to check out some of the gifts our customers of all ages love giving and receiving.

3 gift ideas from the Pause; Boutique team

Not sure what to get for your sorority sister, mom, daughter or friend? Here are three options from the Pause; Boutique crew:

  1. Scented candles, bubble bath and a good book. Pick up the candles at Pause; Boutique.
  2. Cute wine or beer glasses and a bottle of wine or a six-pack to go with them. Check out our lovely glassware.
  3. Fun patterned beach towels, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Find all three at Pause; Boutique.
Visit Pause; Boutique today to see what we have in stock this season.